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How I Serve Buyers:

Stress-Free Real Estate Services

Obviously, there are plenty of real estate agents out there to help you buy property. But the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is different. There are no high-pressure tactics here! We’re here to look out for your interests and help guide you through the process of buying a home.

We can help buyers with all aspects of the property transaction; we can help you search for homes, get financing, negotiate prices, and more.

Finding Your Ideal Home:

A helping hand in your search!

In the age of the internet, it is possible to simply search home listings online. However, the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand can amplify your search, so you get the best results possible!

We’ll start with getting to know you on a personal level, which includes your wants and needs in a home. This will allow us to create a custom search for you. We’ll alert you when a new listing hits the market that meets your criteria and notify you of any price reductions on properties you may be interested in. Finally, we can also help you search the home’s history, including any flooding, foreclosures, or tenants/rentals that the seller may be trying to hide.

Ready to get started on looking for the perfect home in Greater Houston for you and your family? Just call the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand to make an appointment or fill out the contact form on this page and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Getting the Best Financing:

The Best Price & The Best Terms

There are plenty of ways to finance the purchase of a property, and the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is ready to help you discover which is the best option for you.

Even though interest rates are what they are, and your annual income is the same, some mortgage companies will offer you very unfavorable terms. Our team has the experience and knowledge to steer you away from these companies, so your mortgage terms are much more affordable for you.

Since the housing and financial crisis of 2008, many lenders are leery of approving small business owners or otherwise self-employed people. You may be required to give very detailed financial statements in order to be approved, and the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is ready to help you, so you can secure the mortgage you deserve.

Watch those hidden fees!

When underwrites are involved, there is always very technical jargon and insider language used when drawing things up. Naturally, most people will be very confused by it, and may end up approving something only to have regrets after the fact due to hidden fees. The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand will help you scour these documents for any hidden fees or something else that could end up backfiring on you.

Price Negotiations:

Don’t go into things uninformed!

How well do you know the Greater Houston housing market? Would you know a listing price is a waste of money or a bargain just by looking at it along with the property specs?

Property transactions usually involve some price negotiations. Since not many people are crazy about that idea, the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is here to help negotiate on your behalf. There are many ways to negotiate, and they don’t always involve the listing price. For example, the seller may be persuaded to include well-functioning appliances in the purchase because they have no use for them. If you’re a buyer who doesn’t want to deal with moving heavy appliances, this could be a great deal for you.

“It ain’t over ‘til it’s over”

As the New York Yankees great Yogi Berra said, a property transaction is not “officially” complete until the closing date. Therefore, even though a price may be agreed to, that does not mean it’s set in stone yet. The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand can help you be on guard for any obstacles that may come up during the transaction process. If a price seems too good to be true, it may be because the property is going to need a lot of work before it’s habitable. Our knowledgeable agents can help you keep good communication with the seller, and quickly advise you of any updates or changes in the negotiations.

Inspections and Repairs:

So, your offer has been accepted; now what?

In most states, a home inspection is legally required before any property transaction can be completed. What happens if foundation damage is discovered by a home inspector? Are you still subject to the asking price?

The short answer is no. The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is here to help you make sure you aren’t taken advantage of, especially if you are unfamiliar with homes and the way they are structured. Everything is looked at during a home inspection, including the roof, electrical work, plumbing, mechanical equipment, and structure.

What happens if an issue is found?

As a buyer, you can ask the seller to either lower the asking price or have your offer become contingent on any needed repairs. The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand can serve as your advocate in this process. We’ll make sure a qualified home inspector is doing the work and we’ll negotiate with the seller on your behalf if any problems are found during the inspection.

Title Insurance:

Coverage in case of loss

Title insurance protects a property owner or lender from financial loss in case a mortgage loan is deemed invalid or unenforceable, or due to defects in title.

If you need help going through documents so you can fully understand what you’re signing up for, the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand can help. We’ll put our knowledge to work for you and make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of. There are times when certain “exceptions” may mean you aren’t covered. We’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Call for an appointment!

We’ll do more than just give you a copy of a title insurance policy to sign without even reading it. Believe it or not, there are some real estate agents who operate like that! We’ll make sure we go through all documents with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything is in order for you and prevent you from encountering any issues down the road.

Contract to Closing:

We’ll take care of everything!

Once your bid is officially accepted and a closing date is scheduled, you may be able to relax a little, but we sure won’t!

We’ll make sure all the proper documents are secured and signed, all the required inspections are done, and all the title details are taken care of, and deal with anything else that may crop up before closing! There are more people involved in a property transaction than you may think – attorney, underwriters, appraisers, and lenders – and the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand can coordinate everything for you.

If you’re looking to buy property, the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is with you during every step of the process. From the moment we speak with you during the initial phone call to the final signing at closing, we’ll make sure you get the home you’re looking for at the price you’re looking for. We’ll also make sure no one takes advantage of you at any stage and leaves you with bad policy terms or repairs that must be made.