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Free Market Analysis:

What’s my property worth?

These days, there are certainly plenty of online tools that will claim to tell you what your home is worth. But what’s the methodology of their research? What sort of data are they using?

The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand are experienced realtors in Greater Houston and can tell you what your property is worth based on actual sales data. We’ll tell you if we’d recommend any property improvements that could increase potential offers on it.

The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand can travel throughout local neighborhoods in search of similar properties to yours that are for sale. It’s good to know what your competition is! We can then assess the market to provide you with an extremely accurate picture of what your home may be worth on the open market.

How I Market Your Home Online:

Exposure & More Exposure

The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand not only knows how to list your property on online search engines effectively, but we can also direct traffic to our website with your entire listing on it effectively!

Simply put, we have enough knowledge of the local market to know what potential buyers look for in a property. We also know how to stage homes effectively for viewings and take good photos to market your home better.

The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand doesn’t rely too heavily on any one method to market your property well. We don’t think it’s good to put all your eggs in one basket. Rather, we think a cohesive approach across many mediums is the way to do it.

How I Serve Sellers:

Let us help you get the most

The experienced real estate professionals of the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand can help sellers in many ways. We’ll honestly assess your property value and give you recommendations on how to improve it. We’ll constantly read the market conditions in order to list your home at the right price.

We can also help you during the negotiation process. We’ll deal with buyers trying to talk you down in price or get too many concessions from you. Finally, we can help you with all the documents and deadlines required in between the acceptance of the offer and closing.

The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is ready to help you sell your house for the best price possible. It is our goal to make the entire process as stress-free and laid-back as possible, so you can concentrate on the many other aspects of a move.

Property Evaluation:

We’ll get your space ready to sell!

Since the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, we’ll be able to tell you how your home will look to potential buyers in its current state. We will honestly recommend home improvements that may increase its value and stage your home effectively for showings and visitors.

Simply put, we’ll make sure your property is in the best shape possible, so it can command top dollar on the open market. Since potential buyers will naturally look at both the interior and exterior of your home, we’ll ensure both are in tip-top shape. It’s important for your property to stand out from the similar ones currently on the market, and we at the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand pull out all the stops to make sure it does.

Proper List Pricing:

There’s a fine line…

If you ask too high of a price for your property, you may have to prepare yourself for it to be on the market a while. If you ask too low of a price, you may make the sale, but lose out on potential profit in the end.

The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand uses its experience and knowledge of the Greater Houston real estate market to list your home at the perfect asking price. We look to see how much comparable homes in the neighborhood are selling for.

The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand will make sure you get a good offer on your property without having to wait too long. Word can quickly spread among potential buyers that a property is overpriced, and the longer it stays on the market, the lower the offers will become, if you even get any.

Market Updates:

Let us do the legwork!

Once your property goes on the market, we’ll keep up to date on any changing conditions and adjust accordingly so you don’t have to! But of course, we’ll also always communicate everything to you. We’ll check for new comparable homes as well as any that recently sold.

If you’re looking to put your home on the open market, give the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand a call today to get started. Once we learn more about your home’s specifications, we’ll get right to work on looking for comparable homes in the area, both currently on the market and ones that have recently sold.

Price Negotiations:

We’ll handle it!

Do you like buying a new car? You probably answered “no,” right? (If you answered “yes,” we give you all the credit.) And why is that? Probably because you don’t like negotiating prices with the salesperson, right?

That’s where the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand comes in. We’re here to take care of all the price negotiations for you. Just give us some guidelines on what you’re looking for, and we’ll take it from there! Of course, we will always notify you of any offers placed for your consideration.

Things to remember…

Buyers don’t want to have to have five home improvement projects done right after they move in. (Unless they are looking for an investment property, but that’s another story entirely.) Therefore, the “newer” your home looks to a potential buyer, the more apt they are to make an offer on it. If you have newer plumbing, electrical work, windows, and doors, they can work to your advantage.

The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand can deal with all price negotiations on your behalf. We’ll keep you informed of all offers and respond as quickly as we can.

Inspections and Repair Negotiations:

After the bid is accepted…

Buyers are still going to look for bargains where they can, even after you’ve accepted their offer for your home. If any issues are discovered during the home inspection, the buyer may try to get you to take less money on the offer or tell you to have the issue repaired at your cost before they will buy the property. The Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is here to represent you in these negotiations to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of. Let us deal with the hassle of the back-and-forth communications!

Since we’re experienced real estate agents, we have our own list of home inspectors and contractors that we fully trust. If need be, we can have one of them give you a second opinion if you think the buyer is trying to overblow an issue or make it sound more expensive than it actually is.

Contract to Closing Process:

We’ll make sure everything’s in order!

There are plenty of things to remember involving forms and deadlines in a property transaction, and the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand is here to help you make sure any aren’t missed.

Once the offer is officially accepted, there are more than 50 things to be done before the closing date. We’ll coordinate inspections, surveys, legal documents, title, and anything else involved. You’re always in good hands with us!

When you choose the Big Kahuna Team at RE/MAX Grand to handle the sale of your home, we’ll make sure everything is taken care of. We won’t disappear once you’ve accepted an offer and leave things to you. We’ll continue to help the process run as smoothly as possible right up until the last document is signed at closing.